Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reunion Advisory

Hi classmates. I joined the chat last Saturday re: updates on batch reunion and had volunteered to post the details of our conversation. I say conversation because they were simply explorations of options and suggestions subject to confirmation, validation and comments by the rest of the batch. The others who joined were Allan, Nena and Patrick.

We basically talked about the funding problem of the batch. Nena reported that no specific commitments on pledges have been made yet. Everyone agreed that it would be good if the generous and able amongst us can donate but we cannot push it down on everyone's throat. Hence, the next option is to do some fundraising activities as we cannot completely rely on the pledges. Some of the ideas/suggestions that we explored are the following:

a. raffle of prizes - tickets will be distributed for individual selling at reasonable rates. Distributed tickets are considered sold. Commission will be given (say 10%) of total booklets sold and the top seller shall also be given incentives.
b. beer plaza/bingo socials
c. cock derby

The activities shall be prioritized based on cost-benefit or may be combined to ensure maximum earnings. However, funding is required to jumpstart the activities. Hence, whatever available cash in bank we have and the reunion dues that are being collected yearly shall be used to finance the activities.

To ensure maximum attendance, the Sorsogon team will coordinate with the SNHS office to secure the old addresses of graduates for mailing of letters. It is assumed that even if they are no longer residents of the area, their parents or siblings can forward the letter to them wherever they are.

Patrick and Nena will be presenting these suggestions to the batchmates during Patrick's birthday on May 9. Hopefully, concrete plans of actions complete with deliverables and timetables would have been finalized by then. Monthly meetings to measure progress of programs against goals shall be held thereafter.

Please favor the batch with your comments and suggestions. Several heads are definitely better than few.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Reunion Advisory 3

Hi batchmates!

Patrick and I attended a meeting called by the Dr. Gino Ables, vice-president of the General Alumni Association. Also in attendance were Ms. Blanca Rempillo (SNHS Principal), Elvie Gajo Arevalo (Batch 58) and Maritel Gerona, Mabelle Jestre and Gina Hayag of Batch 83. Basically the meeting was a sort of evaluation of this year’s homecoming activities tapos may mga suggestions man an older batches that we might want to consider daw for next year’s general homecoming activities.

A. Registration

1. Apparently saro daw na weak point an registration. This year, only 181 alumni registered. Reasons for this are a) most were not aware that they were supposed to register and b) namahalan daw sa P50 registration fee. Whatever amount is generated during the registration goes to the host batch palan as counterpart san GAA. Also, there was a confusion as to the registration fee kay in previous homecomings P20 lang.

2. We need to decide if we will maintain the P20 registration kay an nag-suggest man lang daw na taasan an principal. Patrick also said na we can donate the proceeds to the GAA para may funds an association. Right now sabi ni Dr. Ables, they are operating on a zero budget.

B. Program of Activities (AM)

1. Printed copies of the program of activities should be distributed at least a week in advance para aware an alumni. The program of activities should also be posted in a conspicuous area during the reunion day.

2. The GAA agreed that there would be no speeches and no politicos. The golden jubilarians particularly objected to this year’s guest of honor’s longish speech na makakatungka man daw talaga. Although sabi san Batch 83, unavoidable daw na yadto si Congressman kay naghagad sinda nin solicitation for the school.

3. Amo ini an proposed flow of activities:

a. Opening Ceremonies
Short message from SNHS Principal (during which she will invite alumni to the open house/exhibits after the parade).

b. Parade (We need marshals for this to make sure na dili putol-putol an parade.) After the parade, we proceed to the main building. )

c. Exhibits/Open House (We will have to coordinate with the school administration regarding this. May suggestion man na magtinda souvenir items/pili candies/arts and crafts but dili pa sure kun sin-o an ma-manage sadi: kun an school admin or saaton pa naka-assign)

d. Business Meeting (Election of GAA officers. This year, this did not materialize kay wara na attendees so an officers are in a hold-over capacity. An concern is how to entice other alumni to attend para maging active an association).

4. We can forgo snacks after the parade except an para sa drum corps, street dancers, police, etc. Dili man daw nag-eexpect an alumni nin snacks. Or we can set up a booth where we can sell water/refreshments.

C. Alumni Ball

1. Again, no long speeches and no politicos. No long programs as well kay an tuyo man talaga san attendees mag barayle.
2. It was suggested na early on, barayle na anay (mga 2 or 3 songs) followd by one or two numbers sa program and then barayle na ulit and so on.
3. We can cut down on expenses by doing away with the snacks. Suggestion na igwa ulit booth where attendees can buy drinks/light snacks.
4. We can also forgo printed invitations

D. Other Matters

1. Suggestion san GAA na ibahon na daw an sistema na an silver jubilarians amo an nagsasagot san expenses for the whole affair. Other jubilarians are also willing to shell out contributions daw kaya lang they are just waiting to be asked. We need to coordinate with Golden Jubilarians (Class 59) and ask them if they can help out with the expenses. We have to present our plans along with projected expenses para ma-present man san iba na jubilarians sa batchmates ninda.

2. According to the principal, the school got a letter from the “religious” requesting that the homecoming be scheduled on Easter Sunday kay supposedly period of mourning pa kuno an Black Saturday. But since amo lang ini an time na yaradi an alumni, the GAA decided na as is pa man gihapon an schedule.

3. The GAA is planning to come up with an e-newsletter to generate awareness para sa activities. Naghahagad si Dr. Ables san mga e-mail addresses san batchmates ta but sabi ni Patrick ipaisi man anay saiyo if you are willing to subscribe to the e-newsletter.