Sunday, April 19, 2009

Homecoming Photos

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Sa gabos na nagdara camera (in other words, intiro na nag-attend), please post your photos also.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reunion Advisory # 8

Dear All,

Just a rundown of what transpired/the agreements reached during our batch meeting on Saturday, October 18 at Dra. Pinky’s clinic:

1. Funds update. As of now we have P213,870 in the bank. The raffle generated P141,900+ in total sales less and net profit is P74,000+. May collectibles pa amounting to P18,800 and the group agreed na unless there is a valid reason for not returning the unused/unsold tickets, padagos pa man gihapon an paniningil ni tesorera.

2. We received a solicitation letter from Mrs. Gallinera for props of the drum corps. It was agreed that since we still have a long, long list of projected expenses for the reunion, mahatag anay kita nin P2,000 and kun may sobra na money after saka ta na lang dagdagan.

3. Since we still need additional funds, Patrick broached the idea of coming up with another fund-raising activity. Options raised were: beer plaza, garage/yard sale, bingo socials, raffle (smaller prices only) and caroling. The group agreed na mag-carol since it won’t entail gastos. Para mapakay-ad man diyot an mga balag na boses, may practice on November 22, 29 and December 6. The caroling will be on December 12, 13 and 14 and December 19, 20 and 21. Attire is any Batch 84 t-shirt and Santa Claus cap. Sa mga mairintra reminder daw na dili na magkaon malangsa batog niyan.

4. T-shirts. Dra. Nonsol will be in Sorsogon on October 27 so we need to finalize the details. Initial suggestions are: for the parade, para medyo formal man an dating, may collar an shirts (predominant color: gray) and for the family day an wara na collar. Kun pwede kuta, pati spouses and kids naka batch 84 shirts. Kun dili na kita maka-solicit para didi, these will be made available pero kanya-kanyang bayad.

5. Family Day. It was suggested that instead of holding the family day on Easter Sunday, anano daw kun sa Holy Thursday na lang? Choices for venue are Fisherman’s Hut in Bacon (price range: between P12,000 and P15,000) or Paradise Resort in Pangpang (P20,000).

6. Ball. Naka reserve na tabi an provincial gymnasium para sa evening activity/ball. Annie Lustestica is the one in charge of coordinating the band and bagan done deal na, although dapat pirmi kita may backup since military an mga members san band and they may be called upon kun may national emergencies, etc. For the ball, saro man sa mga suggestions is pwede kita mag-consign nin food and drinks tapos ibenta sa mga attendees.

Attire for the ball is semi formal: no maong / casual t-shirts. Suggestion man na magkaigwa nin color motif.

For the program, dili na masyado grabe an mga pataratara (no long speeches and no politicians).

7. Program of Activities. Amo tabi ini an suggested flow:
Thursday Family Day
Saturday Parade
Open House (c/o the SNHS Faculty)
Election of Officers (c/o the General Alumni Association)
Luncheon with teachers at the St. Matthew’s Hall
Evening Ball.

8. Token for the mentors. Suggestions include silver pens, umbrellas, t-shirts or mugs with the mentors’ picture. So far, wara pa man nagkahururunan kay we are still waiting for suggestions from the rest of the batch.

9. Project for high school. During the raffle, we noticed na wara nin public address system an high school. Saro ini sa mga gin-coconsider ta as our project for the school.

Gabos po ini open for suggestions. We would appreciate receiving feedback/ comments/suggestions etc. so that we can discuss these in the next meeting on November 22.

Thanks and regards,


Friday, August 22, 2008


Hi batchmates! These are some of the pictures taken during the chika-chika with Marissa, August 12, sa beautiful tambayan ni Nana.

An kasag ni Roel

Oti, Roel & Ali


Beautiful people: Nena, Masol, Memen, Flor, Menchie and Pinky; Marissa, Roel, Gina, Oti, Ali, Mawe and Patrick